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Why is it important for your website to be mobile friendly?

mobile-friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites have now become a standard requisite rather than an added option. 2.5 million UK people buy something every day using their mobile phone. Even more are using their smart phones for information.

When out and about they are looking for services and facilities close to their location, and they use their mobile device not just to find what they are looking for but also to get directions.

Mobile phone compatibility is now so important for websites that search engine companies like Google will penalise a website if it does not pass their mobile friendly test.

Most of the mobile on-line buying is not done whilst travelling though. Even if they have a home computer, many UK folks would rather buy using a mobile phone whilst in bed or watching TV.

The ever growing army of social network users are more likely to make purchases using their smart phone too, so advertising your website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is something you should seriously consider. Somebody finding a website they like are also likely to share it with a friend.

When a customer or a potential customer visits your site to find information or look for a product you sell, their experience should be easy and enjoyable. Because many people now use mobile devices to access websites, only a mobile friendly website can fulfill that need and desire. Contented visitors become loyal visitors. They could return to your website many times and tell others about how easy it is to use.

A responsive website optimised for mobile devices will look good and perform efficiently whether it is viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. All websites supplied by Ayrshire Web Design are mobile friendly. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get a great mobile presence.